Trapped Dead tactical zombie survival game debuts on Steam

Trapped Dead is a tactical real time strategy game, and it debuted today on Steam. Developed by Crenetic and HeadUp Games, and published by Meridian4, the game is now literally clawing at your door. Just like the zombies out for blood in this small town apocalypse, they’re really being aggressive. A launch trailer has been released, although I cannot find it on YouTube or even GameTrailers quite yet. It’s not even on the Trapped Dead official website, either.

They are working their zombie horde plan – by attacking the survivors with a $7.99 price. That’s 20% off right off the baseball bat. They’d rather you give up an arm or a leg, and they’ll get you in the end. So, you should check it out now while you can – the price only lasts during launch week.

The game is available for PC only. I guess it had shipped elsewhere earlier, but today’s doomsday on Steam.

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