The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut

The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut is coming to PlayStation 3 on October 25 2011 in North America.

And here I had been thinking “where are any zombie games for PS3?” A classic zombie game coming to PlayStation 3. Not another game with zombies bolted on just for fun, but an earnest zombie apocalyptic gun fest built specifically for that platform? They’re still harder to find than I had thought they would be. But here is another one, this time announced by Sony as coming from Sega via Headstrong Games again.

Apparently it’s going to be taking out all the stops – providing an even more raw human experience than most zombie games. What makes zombies better? More intense, more visceral, more terrifying, more odd and disconcerting? You guessed it. Nudity! Yeah!!! Wait, what?


Yep. They went there.

In addition to remastering the House of the Dead Overkill, the Extended Cut will also include two custom levels titled Naked Terror. They alter the player character avatars from the tough alpha-male style agents to scantily clad female adult entertainers who have a this-ain’t-happenin-in-my-backyard state of mind. No pun intended.

I don’t get it. I mean, I have heard the argument that “if I am going to watch a character for dozens of hours in a game, it may as well be a good looking one.” I.E. the Lara Croft Tomb Raider argument. I get the idea. And, to be fair, I have played female characters in games where I have the option to play male or female.

I typically play male, but I do have a level 70 holy priest in World of Warcraft, and a couple others. Holly Roler is a female paladin. Sheyala was my Draenae Shaman. And Larienne was my Druid. All those characters were less than about level 35, if I recall correctly. But I also have a 60+ human male warrior, a male night elf rogue, and my main is an 81-ish gnome mage.




So, I can relate to the Lara Croft argument. But I play the game to get the whole experience. I enjoy the different voice-overs in particular. I play all four characters in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 just for that alone. They each say cool lines at different times, and there are cool easter eggs that way.


If that is what is being offered in this Extended Cut, I’m on it. But I don’t believe that’s the focus from the marketing side. On the surface, I think it’s zombies with jubblies and butt-floss. Sort of like Dead or Alive, just Mostly Dead but still moves like its alive! Not that I mind the extra ESRB-ratings-objectionable material, itself. Let’s face it, these are Mature games already, with head-shots, exploding bodies, and severed limbs akimbo. But I don’t need Hot Coffee in my Apocalypse.


What I otherwise DO see in House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut that is very appealing are the exclusives. A crossbow that hasn’t made an appearance elsewhere, a new hardcore mode (i’ll leave the pun alone), 3D support, Playstation Move & Sharpshooter compatibility, online leaderboards & trophies, a game mode with just Magnums, etc. Those all sound good.


As I have mentioned in the past, I have good memories of House of the Dead. Yeah, it’s on rails, but it’s good anyway.

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