Rise of Nightmares promises to zombify your entire body – one limb at a time.


Rise of Nightmares is a zombie game I hadn’t seen until the past couple days. It was announced September of 2010 by Sega, coming specificially to the Xbox360 to take advantage of Kinect. You’re going to have to use your whole body to prevent the zombies and other baddies from making you one of the walking corpses in their neighborhood. Apparently peer pressure to keep up with the Jones’es is pretty intense there.


It’s an over the top Mature experience, to be sure. Buckets, no, more accurately it’s barrels of blood & gore that are on tap. Your goal is to survive a single brutal night against the living dead and more, all while trying to find and save your kidnapped wife. You’ll go hand to hand against mindless undead who’ll stop at nothing for a midnight snack. I guess your brains are pretty tasty.

I’ve read on Kotaku that Rise of Nightmares is going to be an on-rails experience. That seems pretty par for the course from Sega. You’ll navigate through Viktor’s decidedly medieval castle, filled just as much with nasty traps as it is with undead. Hopefully you can use those traps to your advantage, Indiana Jones-style. Otherwise your bodily fluids will paint the walls another shade of putrescent red. All in all, it’s roughly what we’ve come to expect from a horror game. The game will be a truly epic just-for-grownups bloodfest but in the same spirit as Dead Block is.

The Kinect angle of course is new. The video below is what I believe is the first. There are several already released, and each has a different theme. This one starts with torture. But I’ll save the whole slew of videos for another post. Enjoy this one for now.

I spotted this one because the GameStop Exclusive Pre-Order was just announced. You’ll get some cool digital things – a zombie mini pet that will interact with your Xbox avatar, and some themes and pictures. I’m all for digital goods – but really, nothing that is actually IN the game? I hope there’s more to it than that.

The game is supposedly due out September 6, just a couple weeks from now. I have reached out to Sega to see what else I can learn. I’ve included a couple screen shots below.



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