Steam Halloween sale slashes zombies down to size

Steam’s Halloween sale has slashed zombies down to size. A 100% zombified walker is only 25% to 75% of his normal self today. Time to get the crowbar and use it on the wallet for a change. See what I did there?

So Steam is scaring up business for the Halloween holiday. There are a ton of PC games with big temporary price reductions – including a lot of survival horror games I have not mentioned in this list. Below are just the ones I see that I know have zombies in them. I have left out the ghouls, ghosts, and demons simply because I know those are make believe. 😉

  • Atom Zombie Smasher -66% now $3.40
  • Attack of the Zombie Pirates -75% now $1.24
  • Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC -75% off now $2.49
  • Borderlands -75% now $4.99)
  • Burn Zombie Burn -66% now $3.40
  • Dead Horde -33% now $6.69
  • Dead Island -25% now $37.49
  • Dead Space pack -66% now $13.59 includes both games
  • F.E.A.R. 3 -40% now $29.99
  • F.E.A.R. Collection -66% now $6.79
  • Killing Floor Halloween Sideshow Event -66% now $10.17
  • Left 4 Dead Game of the Year Edition -66% now $6.79
  • Left 4 Dead 2 -66% now $6.79
  • Nation Red -66% now $3.40 Halloween map The Farm
  • Plants vs Zombies -50% now $4.99
  • Pound of Ground -75% now $2.50
  • Resident Evil 5 -50% now $9.99
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming -66% now $13.59
  • Space Pirates And Zombies -25% now $11.24
  • Trapped Dead -50% now $4.99
  • Zombie Bowl-a-rama -66% now $3.40
  • Zombie Driver -75% now $2.50
  • Zombie Pirates -75% now $3.74
  • Zombie Shooter -75% now $1.24
  • Zombie Shooter 2 -75% now $2.49

I hadn’t even heard of Pound of Ground until today. At these prices, I am dying to play all these games. Not having a paying job at the moment is absolutely killing my hobby, I tell you. I’ll figure out how to snag a few of these and still avoid having my wife turn into the undead.

The Zombies, They’re Coming!

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