Violent zombie action imminent – zombie game gore galore inbound

This Halloween, the folks over at Steam were kind enough to put on a sale for all sorts of survival horror games. My resources are few, but I was working my zombie plan! Instead of getting one, maybe two games, I went the indie / clearance route and picked up a bunch of those for my Steam profile. Hey, when the apocalypse hit my wallet back in September of ’11, I had to take drastic steps!

This is what I picked up:

Zombie Shooter 1.24 USD
Zombie Bowl-O-Rama 3.40 USD
Borderlands 4.99 USD
Zombie Shooter 2 2.49 USD
Burn Zombie Burn! 3.40 USD
Borderlands DLC: Dr. Ned 2.49 USD
Atom Zombie Smasher 3.40 USD
Pound of Ground 2.50 USD
Dead Horde 6.69 USD
Trapped Dead 4.99 USD
Zombie Pirates 3.74 USD
Woody Two Legs 1.24 USD
(aka Attack of the Zombie Pirates)
Zombie Driver: Summer of Slaughter 1.99 USD

So, the throngs of shambling zombies have now officially overrun my hard drive. I could install them all from Steam, but my drive is getting awfully full as it is. I gotta get another drive in this machine before I get to de-brain the approaching horde.

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