The Zombie Apocalypse infects Technorati

Technorati is apparently a zombie free zone. Err, was? Until yesterday when I added myself as a Technorati user. And everybody knows, once one zombie shows up, it is only a matter of a few minutes/hours/days before there is a huge horde of them shambling around.

I guess the gang at Technorati has prepared for this eventuality. They might even have a zombie apocalypse survival plan. Who knows – they’re smart people, right?

The weird part is that they even gave me instructions to follow. There must be a double agent in there, somewhere – somebody who’s on the zombie side. Or maybe they think they’re going on a Zombie Safari. Precisely who is hunting whom will become clear soon enough.

From what I understand, the zombie epidemic will begin infecting the Technorati population as soon as I push the big red button labelled “4JZ8RJ7KS7TV”


The Zombies, They’re Coming!

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