Bring out your dead

Bring out your dead I say! I’ve been piling up the zombies like I was Michonne or something.

Yes indeedy, I have picked up a bunch of games recently.

They include:

Darklight – a side scrolling zombie style platformer, I think (haven’t booted it up but it looks quite moody!)
Contagion – a puzzle game involving zombies. It’s similar to match-3 with a twist. I’ve played through Act 1 and will have my thoughts here shortly.
The Walking Dead – something I have not yet played, but I am dying to have the time to do so. Hopefully this Thanksgiving weekend is enough!

I had partially prepped a different blog post at the time I made the purchases above, and just ran out of time. It was a post about the sale prices of the various zombie games at the time. Things like L4D/L4D2 were on sale for 75% off at the time, etc. But I didn’t get to it fast enough, hence no post.

This time, I’m ready. And The Walking Dead game is 50% off just for today on Steam. And whenever any zombie for half the effort is worth the kill.

I have been playing another game too. One that’s right up the Alienware alley – XCOM Enemy Unknown. I played that one because I loved the original Xcom games (yes, I am THAT old) and because we are promoting it. So I got to play that one a bit on company time, so to speak. You know, the time when I should be answering emails at 11pm. Except I played it with a twist. My soldiers all had the names of The Walking Dead characters. That’s also a post I have in the works. Oh, and today Xcom Enemy Unknown is 33% off, too.

Now if I can just get rid of the stupid FBI MoneyPak virus that hit my laptop, I’ll be alright. I was scouring the internet looking for graphics to use for my powerpoint, and bam! That is NOT a fun virus to get, either.

More as soon as I get my laptop operational!

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