7 Days To Die has just 9 hours to live!

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7 Days To Die is a zombie survival horror sandbox game that is in no need of life support. Its dead are alive and well. I say that as I write this article when it had just 9 hours left to claim as many as-yet-infected as possible. I think this one’s gonna be a winner.

7 Days To Die is also an indie Kickstarter project, and it has already reached its initial goal of $200,000 funding for the game as well as been Greenlit on Steam. In fact, developer The Fun Pimps Entertainment based down in Dallas can start work on more hordes of zombies because it has already doubled its first body count, and is looking to add more warm fresh bodies on top of the cold but overly active ones.

I had no knowledge of this zombie game. It would have reached out and bit me like I didn’t know it was there, probably in the neck while I had a stunned and anguished look on my face. Does that make me the dumb sexy blonde from every zombie game or movie? That sucks on a number of levels.

The game can certainly be described as Minecraft meets Zombies. It is an interesting mix of styles – the blocky-esque clearly polygonal artwork taken directly from Minecraft, with semi-realistic zombies and human characters in it. It’s like a toned down but stylized Day Z kind of artwork.


Day Z got one big thing very right – zombie games do NOT have to be super-action packed. Suspense is a huge part of the experience and is certainly instrumental in making the player feel the payoff from the game. I think in a similar fashion this is where we’ll see 7 Days To Die do well – the sandbox nature done right. There is a lot more interactivity here – from crafting to the physical destruction of the environment & objects as their strong points.

We all know such destruction is what happens during a zombie apocalypse. It’s supposed to be really messy. I mean, even the Bible has details on what happens – it’s going to be THAT bad. That will be another post in itself. But no game I have seen illustrates the destructive process as it occurs. We always see it after it has happened, and are traveling through a ghostly landscape bereft of humanity. Everyone who played Left 4 Dead remembers the Dead Air chapter, where the player has a front row seat to a clearly zombified or at least zombie-attacked air crew crashing a jumbo jet right at the airport. It’s positively spectacular, and eerie at the same time. But the player didn’t get to CAUSE that. Several games are beginning to try to go down this road – namely Survival Zero with its ability to build functional traps, and other brain-driven strategies instead of run & gun all the way. We all know that ingenuity will rule the day against zombies. Oh, and shotguns & chainsaws.

Here’s a video of a preview of 7 Days To Die. I wish I had known about it earlier. I would have been all over it. Alas, no money in my pockets guys – I can’t afford it at the moment. I’ll support it when I can afford it a little while later down the line. I promise, because I dig this.

Another interesting gem is the game will feature slow & fast zombies. Many games have different varieties of zombies – the really slow ones, the slow ones, the medium, the fast and the HOLY COW how did he catch me that fast kind. This is where 7 Days To Die stands out again.

The day/night cycling of the game world which seems persistent and mmo-ish is similar to Minecraft, with a twist. During the day, the player is relatively safe as the zombies are much more zombified. They act & react much more slowly in direct sunlight. But if the player finds himself deeper indoors, underground, or past dusk – LOOK OUT. The zombies are scary fast, aggressive to the point of beating down walls to get to you, and you don’t want to play pattycake with them. They win every time. So, stealth, misdirection, building/fortification, traps, and just raw planning will factor into your survival.

You can see more at the official website.

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