Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 3 has been spotted.

A Russian sniper got on the radio and communicated his as-yet-unconfirmed sighting. It was a shadow moving in the dark, seen through his night vision scope beyond maximum effective rifle range, during a rainstorm, just as the power went out in the local area of operation. The young soldier is thought to be a Russian Private in the International Zombie Extermination Task Force (IZETF) believed to be operating in the area without official authorization.

As has been widely publicized, a recent developer visit to Valve’s offices (inadvertently?) outed the existence of the game on a programmer’s task list apparently, in text. So no official logo, screen shot, video etc is out at this point.

But that said, – a website specifically in Russia has a countdown timer in English, which seems to coincide with GamesCom in Germany in the next few days. Thursday morning Aug 22 at the stroke of midnight CST is when the timer ends.

We’ll see. The idea that Left 4 Dead 3 might be premiering in Russia / by Russians is very odd. Why use Russian website to debut an EU focused event in Germany? Why do so in English? Why is the site owner unwilling to step out of anonymity? Russia is not a territory where Valve would make a lot of money on the game due to piracy and business practices there, so my guess is it’s unlikely to be a spot where they would feel well protected in debuting the game.

So, it’s probably a gamble to gain internet eyeballs on the chance it is being shown at GamesCom. Since very little information is known about Left 4 Dead 3, they’re doubtless going to get free traffic out of it.

But hey, so is this story I am writing now isn’t it? At least my site is about zombie games. 🙂

Interestingly, all the commotion is attracting attention. Facebook already has a Left 4 Dead 3 page operational, although it is unknown whether this is official or not. But 119,000 bodies have congregated there probably due to the spectacle. Either that, or they’re wanting to feed.

We’ll know soon enough.

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