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We are dedicated to games about the zombie apocalypse, including video games, computer games, online games, board games, live action games, and more.

As with anything surrounding the zombie apocalypse, the simpler things are, the better. While we do focus on the most recent horde of zombie products, there is nothing stopping us from talking about the old ones, either. So, we do try to keep up with the latest hot zombie games, our focus is more to be a great repository for your entertainment. Let’s face it – the zombie apocalypse should be fun! That is, if you are prepared and have a zombie survival plan.

Zombie Apocalypse Games is dedicated to bringing you a fantastic zombie experience. This is an entertainment destination. We have no intentions of bringing in advertisers who are hawking unrelated products. If a game about vampires showed up, we’re not going to run ads for that here, unless that game also featured zombies in a central fashion. The idea is that this site is 100% zombie material.

Since this site doesn’t run itself for free, we think you’ll understand that we may run sponsored material from time to time. However, we want you to understand this has limitations. First off, we won’t be writing reviews. We will write opinions, and back it up with ways to illustrate our experience. Secondly, no scoring system will ever grace this site. Finally, you’ll always know what we’re doing. We will clearly communicate links that are beneficial to us, such as affiliate partnerships, etc.

Our goal is to provide you an excellent resource to find anything about zombie games. Please let us know how we’re doing. Or come tell us while we’re playing a game, so we can hang out a bit. You can reach me personally at the following destinations:

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We also happen to be doing our part to fend off the apocalypse in the real world. We run the Once Fired Lake City Brass web store.

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