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Dead Island cooperative trailer released

The Dead Island cooperative multiplayer trailer has been released. Titled “Dead Island Co-Op Trailer: ‘Part 3: Fight Together’ the video actually comes in two flavors – one for North America and another for Europe.

Project Zomboid claws way into your mind, won’t let go

Project Zomboid is a game I heard about while playing other zombie games on Steam. I randomly picked a couple guys while playing Nation Red, in fact, and they told me about PZ and that I should check it out. Being the excellent investigative zombie survival planning kinda guy I am, I typed in […]

Dead Horde infects a town near you

Dead Horde is a zombie survival action game, presented from an bird’s eye view. Coming from German developer DNS Development, the game was announced in February 2011, and according to the game is expected to release in June of 2011. Hmmm. It’s July. The game is about fast zombie action. Must be some seriously […]

Division 9 zombie game from Irrational Games

Division 9 looks like it would have been awesome. But, it’s dead. Irrational Games had this project underway for a while – not sure for how long. But think Special Forces meets Zombie Holocaust.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2 announced by Konami

On June 7th, Konami announced Zombie Apocalypse 2 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Download only. I missed the first one, as I am much more of a PC nut than console. But, since I have a son who LOVES the fact that I have spent his entire life working in the games business, […]

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record E3 Trailer

Capcom posted a new video for the Dead Rising 2 Off the Record game debuted during the E3 frenzy. The game is a “re-imagining” of Dead Rising 2, taking place in Fortune City with a different protaganist. The new content shown takes place in Uranus Zone – a kids theme park. Ship date is Fall […]

Resident Evil Operation Racoon City E3 Trailer

Capcom unveiled the Resident Evil Operation Racoon City E3 trailer on June 4th.  I’m not familiar with the storyline of the entire RE universe of games, but I know a bit. The T-virus was a nasty little experiment, it went south, the cover-up didn’t exactly fly, world goes bad. They’ve been releasing Resident Evil games just as […]

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