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Buy Dead Island

Buy Dead Island through Zombie Apocalypse Games!

Zombie Holiday (Dead Island) music video from The Escapist

The Escapist has just posted a cool video for their music oriented feature, The Miracle of Sound titled Zombie Holiday (Dead Island)

Steam Halloween sale slashes zombies down to size

Steam’s Halloween sale has slashed zombies down to size. A 100% zombified walker is only 25% to 75% of his normal self today. Time to get the crowbar and use it on the wallet for a change. See what I did there?

Dead Island cooperative trailer released

The Dead Island cooperative multiplayer trailer has been released. Titled “Dead Island Co-Op Trailer: ‘Part 3: Fight Together’ the video actually comes in two flavors – one for North America and another for Europe.

Dead Island box shot for EU and NA

The Dead Island box shot for NA and EU appeared during the run-up before the E3 show in Los Angeles. This is near & dear to my heart, as I know how much pain publishers go through to get their box squared away.

Release date for Dead Island NA & EU

It’s official. Deep Silver has announced the release dates for Dead Island. We’re looking at September 6th, 2011 for NA zombie hordes to appear, with the EU Zeds shambling a bit slower, and due outside your safe room on September 9th. Always thought you Europeans mostly were a bit less than athletic. Maybe if we […]

Dead Island reveal trailer

Since I’m playing catch-up by posting lots of zombie rampaging, here’s a re-post of the Dead Island reveal trailer from February I believe. I thought it was great – an emotionally charged, interesting approach to a truly dramatic topic. I’ll save my commentary on the controversial content for another post.

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