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Call Of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection zombies video behind the scenes

Call Of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection just unveiled their behind the scenes video. Jeez, I must be the last man on earth who hasn’t played Black Ops yet, or Annihilation, let alone the zombie maps themselves. Not that I wouldn’t like it, or that I’m immune to its plague-like grip on the world population, or […]

Zombie Deal of the Week from Xbox Live Major Nelson

Zombie Deal of the Week. Sounds like a really, really bad game show, doesn’t it? But it’s a game sale, in fact, and it’s my favorite kind – one about zombies. Major Nelson from Xbox Live announced this Deal of the Week on July 12th, and I missed the initial news. Microsoft has a variety […]

Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Air campaign coming soon

The Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Air campaign is coming soon, according to Valve Software. The L4D blog now has a post about how the Left 4 Dead 2 community has done such a great job at blasting apart the zombie hordes on the Cold Stream DLC campaign that they’re preparing to release Dead Air […]

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