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7 Days To Die has just 9 hours to live!

7 Days To Die is a zombie survival horror sandbox game that is in no need of life support. Its dead are alive and well. I say that as I write this article when it had just 9 hours left to claim as many as-yet-infected as possible. I think this one’s gonna be a winner.

The Last of Us fight purely for the right to survive

This video is downright amazing, folks. The Last of Us is literally and figuratively the name of the game in this post-apocalypstic world. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Me and a horde of about 5 billion other bipeds, that is.

All Zombies Must Die! announced from developers of Burn, Zombie Burn!

All Zombies Must Die! announced by developers of Burn, Zombie Burn! Saying “All Zombies Must Die!” is like saying “Grass is Green!” or “Bacon tastes great!” – it just doesn’t lend itself to a declarative. It is simply a universal truth. Unless, of course, firearms and cartoons are combined, in which case it seems like […]

Dead Horde infects a town near you

Dead Horde is a zombie survival action game, presented from an bird’s eye view. Coming from German developer DNS Development, the game was announced in February 2011, and according to the game is expected to release in June of 2011. Hmmm. It’s July. The game is about fast zombie action. Must be some seriously […]

Nation Red is a zombie gib-fest

Nation Red is a blast, gib-fest style. Developed by DiezelPower, the game is zombie carnage simplicity in a digital box. Although there is some interesting back-story for Nation Red, the game itself didn’t have a lot of pretense to it. You’re literally dropped you into a menu to pick what zombie level you want to […]

Infected PSP zombie game

Ah, yes, Infected. I remember this one being promoted at E3 several years ago. They had zombie actors roaming throughout the expo halls and corridors. If my memory serves me correctly, they also had at least one caged up and “on display” as if under control. I don’t recall if it “escaped” or not. But […]

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2 announced by Konami

On June 7th, Konami announced Zombie Apocalypse 2 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Download only. I missed the first one, as I am much more of a PC nut than console. But, since I have a son who LOVES the fact that I have spent his entire life working in the games business, […]

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