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Resident Evil Revelations E3 2011 Trailer

Resident Evil Revelations lurched into E3 with this cool trailer. Lots of zombie games, all with movies are coming from the show this year. Loving. It.

Dead Island box shot for EU and NA

The Dead Island box shot for NA and EU appeared during the run-up before the E3 show in Los Angeles. This is near & dear to my heart, as I know how much pain publishers go through to get their box squared away.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2 announced by Konami

On June 7th, Konami announced Zombie Apocalypse 2 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Download only. I missed the first one, as I am much more of a PC nut than console. But, since I have a son who LOVES the fact that I have spent his entire life working in the games business, […]

Release date for Dead Island NA & EU

It’s official. Deep Silver has announced the release dates for Dead Island. We’re looking at September 6th, 2011 for NA zombie hordes to appear, with the EU Zeds shambling a bit slower, and due outside your safe room on September 9th. Always thought you Europeans mostly were a bit less than athletic. Maybe if we […]

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D character trailer

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – another zombie infestation to deal with, this time by a band of Mercenaries. Sweet. And this one follows you wherever you go! Set to launch on Nintendo 3DS in June 2011 in NA, and then early July for EU.

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record E3 Trailer

Capcom posted a new video for the Dead Rising 2 Off the Record game debuted during the E3 frenzy. The game is a “re-imagining” of Dead Rising 2, taking place in Fortune City with a different protaganist. The new content shown takes place in Uranus Zone – a kids theme park. Ship date is Fall […]

Dead Island “Tragedy Hits Paradise” official teaser trailer

Since the zombie apocalypse is of course inevitable, and this blog will document the approaching epidemic, let’s start things off right! There’s a big bunch of zombie games out now and coming in the near future.  This is a phenomenal, atmospheric trailer for the upcoming Dead Island video game.  It’s under development by Techland, for PlayStation3, […]

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