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7 Days To Die has just 9 hours to live!

7 Days To Die is a zombie survival horror sandbox game that is in no need of life support. Its dead are alive and well. I say that as I write this article when it had just 9 hours left to claim as many as-yet-infected as possible. I think this one’s gonna be a winner.

Zombies and Babies – Uncanny Similarities comic

Zombies and Babies?!?!  This is hilarious.  It’s a bit like Plants Vs Zombies – it almost makes zombies cute.  But that dirty diaper over there – that’s scary stuff. 

Rise of Nightmares promises to zombify your entire body – one limb at a time.

Rise of Nightmares is a zombie game I hadn’t seen until the past couple days. It was announced September of 2010 by Sega, coming specificially to the Xbox360 to take advantage of Kinect. You’re going to have to use your whole body to prevent the zombies and other baddies from making you one of the […]

The Walking Dead Game screen shot from Telltale Games

The zombies are coming, the zombies are coming! But they’re not here yet. The Walking Dead Game has a single, solitary, lone surviving screen shot. It’s tenatively, ever-so-carefully opening the door and peekinging outside into the apocalypse from the relative security of the safe room.

Project Zomboid claws way into your mind, won’t let go

Project Zomboid is a game I heard about while playing other zombie games on Steam. I randomly picked a couple guys while playing Nation Red, in fact, and they told me about PZ and that I should check it out. Being the excellent investigative zombie survival planning kinda guy I am, I typed in […]

Resident Evil Revelations E3 2011 Trailer

Resident Evil Revelations lurched into E3 with this cool trailer. Lots of zombie games, all with movies are coming from the show this year. Loving. It.

House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return on Wii

The House of the Dead series is the earliest survival horror game I think of. I remember it in the arcade, a behemoth stand-up light gun contraption. This is House of the Dead 2 and 3 on other platforms (Xbox and Sega Dreamcast) brought over to the Wii in March of 2008.

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