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Zombies, Run! starts of with a bang

Zombies, Run! is a different sort of zombie game. The kind where you have to run. No, not the virtual you – 6’8″ tall, 300 pounds of pure athletic capability. But the other you. Probably closer to 110 pound weakling or perhaps considerably more pear-shaped than the linebacker of your dreams. And certainly the kind […]

Another Zombie Fighter!

Hi, I’m Dr. Zomboss, the new zombie fighter here at Zombie Apocalypse Games!

A new survivor has arrived, and is fighting the zombies!

Hey everyone I’d like to introduce my son.  Here at Fort Bauman, he’s known as Peter.  He asked me to call him Dr Zomboss out here in front of you guys. 

I have survived. Well, I’m not dead. Just formerly undead.

Hey everyone I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccck! Time Warner and DirecTV arrived the day we moved in – February 1st. I ate the DirecTV guy after his install. Let’s face it, even zombies need broadband.

This zombie is rising from the dead

That’s right folks, Zombie Apocalypse Games lives! After staying nearly catatonic, almost completely motionless caught up in its own stunted world for such a long time, its withered limbs groan in protest.

The Zombie Apocalypse infects Technorati

Technorati is apparently a zombie free zone. Err, was? Until yesterday when I added myself as a Technorati user. And everybody knows, once one zombie shows up, it is only a matter of a few minutes/hours/days before there is a huge horde of them shambling around.

Zombie Apocalypse Games on Web’s Best Zombie Site list

We’re making friends with the nice not quite dead corpses over at ZombieEpoch. They’ve been so kind as to invite Zombie Apocalypse Games to be added to their Web’s Best Zombie Site List. Come vote your brains out for us!

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