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Bring out your dead

Bring out your dead I say! I’ve been piling up the zombies like I was Michonne or something. Yes indeedy, I have picked up a bunch of games recently.

Violent zombie action imminent – zombie game gore galore inbound

This Halloween, the folks over at Steam were kind enough to put on a sale for all sorts of survival horror games. My resources are few, but I was working my zombie plan! Instead of getting one, maybe two games, I went the indie / clearance route and picked up a bunch of those for […]

Steam Halloween sale slashes zombies down to size

Steam’s Halloween sale has slashed zombies down to size. A 100% zombified walker is only 25% to 75% of his normal self today. Time to get the crowbar and use it on the wallet for a change. See what I did there?

Dead Horde infects a town near you

Dead Horde is a zombie survival action game, presented from an bird’s eye view. Coming from German developer DNS Development, the game was announced in February 2011, and according to the game is expected to release in June of 2011. Hmmm. It’s July. The game is about fast zombie action. Must be some seriously […]

Nation Red is a zombie gib-fest

Nation Red is a blast, gib-fest style. Developed by DiezelPower, the game is zombie carnage simplicity in a digital box. Although there is some interesting back-story for Nation Red, the game itself didn’t have a lot of pretense to it. You’re literally dropped you into a menu to pick what zombie level you want to […]

Steam cuts Zombies down by the thousands

Steam has cut the price of de-braining zombies down to size. Check out the savings to be had on games with zombies.

ZombieApocalypseGames on Steam

Thought I’d throw the ZombieApocalypseGames profile on Steam out there. Steam tells me I’ve spent ~363 hours playing Left 4 Dead 2, and I still love it. I actually didn’t play the original, but I am sure I will sometime soon. Just gotta get this site up first. You can find me as ZombieApocalypseGames on […]

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