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Zombies!!! Mobile Edition update from Twilight Creations

I connected with the good folks at Twilight Creations, and got a nugget about the upcoming Zombies!!! Mobile Edition you might want to hear.

Zombies!!! board game

A Zombies!!! table top game jumped out at me like living dead lurking in the dark behind a half open door. Yeah, it was minding its own business before I went snooping around its part of the world, and I knew its kind could be anywhere. I was still surprised when I found it.

Zombies!!! Mobile Edition trailer

I found Zombies!!! Mobile Edition when scouring the web for cool zombie games. At the time, I was looking for zombie board games, and found Zombies!!! of course. I then found more info about a video game adaptation of the tabletop game from Twilight Creations being worked on. I didn’t find a YouTube version of […]

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