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Undead Labs posts a Class 3 video

Undead Labs has been pretty prolific on their devblog regarding Class 3 and Class 4 – their upcoming zombie games. Lots of ways that they are connecting with their fans, cool collectible t-shirt posts, and more. Lots of information on the inspiration for the game, the vibe & feel, etc. And we’ve seen a handful […]

Undead Labs Class 3 virus map

The warm bodies over at Undead Labs have released a Class 3 virus infection density map. The map will continue to evolve as more gamers fall victim….errr, participate and the virus spreads.

Undead Labs Xbox games – Class 3 and Class 4

It’s time to cover what Undead Labs has going on. In February, they announced Class 3 is the codename for the Xbox Live Arcade game they’re working on first. It will be followed by their self-labelled sequel, Class 4. First time I’ve seen a developer debut a new intellectual property with a 3 in the […]

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