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Zombie Deal of the Week from Xbox Live Major Nelson

Zombie Deal of the Week. Sounds like a really, really bad game show, doesn’t it? But it’s a game sale, in fact, and it’s my favorite kind – one about zombies. Major Nelson from Xbox Live announced this Deal of the Week on July 12th, and I missed the initial news. Microsoft has a variety […]

Zombies!!! Mobile Edition trailer

I found Zombies!!! Mobile Edition when scouring the web for cool zombie games. At the time, I was looking for zombie board games, and found Zombies!!! of course. I then found more info about a video game adaptation of the tabletop game from Twilight Creations being worked on. I didn’t find a YouTube version of […]

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2 announced by Konami

On June 7th, Konami announced Zombie Apocalypse 2 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Download only. I missed the first one, as I am much more of a PC nut than console. But, since I have a son who LOVES the fact that I have spent his entire life working in the games business, […]

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