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Zombies Live update for ZombieApoc

Hi all Just thought I’d post a bit more info about Zombies Live. I signed up recently, and play this on the way to & from work, mostly. I play a Fiend, and have made it up to Level 12 so far. I just signed up to the Storm8 forum and posted my Horde Code […]

Zombies Live gameplay

Zombies Live bit a chunk out of my time on the train ride home today. I went from freshly undead (aptly named ZombieApoc) to Level 6 just in the time between the few stations I pass. I snagged all sorts of flesh (yum?) along on the way, and played as a Fiend zombie, getting energy […]

Zombies Live for iPhone

The Zombies Live iPhone game found me, lunging out at me from a dark corner of a seemingly deserted alleyway. No really, it did, while I was helping out a friend on LinkedIn. I digitally stumbled across the company name Storm8, listed as the game developer. I hadn’t ever heard of them previously, but what […]

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