Twitter Zombies

To survive the zombie apocalypse, you are going to need more than a zombie survival plan. You’re going to need information, and you’ll want to be able to connect with other survivors. Preferably before you meet them in person. You never know how the meet & greet might go, or when both parties might be running away from the local zombie horde. Better to be prepared.

Twitter is a super-fast form of communication. Tweeting won’t be great as the zombie apocalypse goes on – it depends too much on technology. And typing. But, until about Z+10 days, when servers will start crashing, and backup power begins to fail, it should work pretty well.

Zombie Apocalypse Games’ own Twitter feed is @ZombieApocGames

Here’s the list.

Game Staff Member / Company name Twitter name
Class 3 Undead Labs @UndeadLabs
Class 3 Outbreak Jay Weston @JayWeston
Class 3 Outbreak Saxon Druce @SaxonDruce
Class 4 Undead Labs @UndeadLabs
Dead Block @deadblockgame
Dead Island @dead_island
Dead State @DoubleBearGames
Humans vs Zombies @HumansVsZombies
Killing Floor TripWire Interactive @TripwireYoshiro
Left 4 Dead L4Ddev @L4Ddev
Left 4 Dead 2 L4Ddev @L4Ddev
Lollipop Chainsaw Lollipop Chainsaw @LolliChainsaw
Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling @JulietStarling
Plants vs Zombies @PlantsVsZombies
Please Stay Calm @PleaseStayCalm
Project Zomboid The Will Porter @batsphinx
Project Zomboid Andy Hodgetts @CaptainBlinky
Project Zomboid Chris Simpson @lemmy101
Project Zomboid Marina Siu-Chong @mashpotassium
Project Zomboid Nick Cowen @Nickenstein79
Resident Evil Capcom Unity @Capcom_Unity
Resident Evil @RE_Games
Survivor Zero @Survivor_Zero
The Dead Linger @thedeadlinger
The Last of Us @TheLastofUs
The Walking Dead Games Robert Kirkman @RobertKirkman
The Walking Dead Games Telltale Games @TelltaleGames
Zombie Apocalypse 2 Konami @Konami
Zombie Driver @ZombieDriver
Zombie Lane @ZombieLane
Zombie Pandemic @ZombiePandemic
Zombies Live @ZombiesLive

As we find more, we’ll be sure to list them here.

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