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I will survive 418 days during the zombie apocalypse

I will survive 418 days during the zombie apocalypse. I answered truthfully on the questions, but only got just shy of 14 months of life before undeath? They clearly didn’t factor in my bunker, the level of provisions I actually have on hand, predisposition toward suppressed firearms, and general distaste for most of society. 😉

I’m an undead alien. Mostly in the mornings.

I’m an undead alien. Mostly in the mornings. It’s official – waking up this early in the morning is absolutely killing me, although the virus I have is apparently much slower than in most zombie games. But it is totally worth it because I’m working on the Alienware brand, now that #Iworkatdell


Run For Your Lives!!! The reports are true! Zombies are descending upon the Austin, Texas area!!! Prepare yourselves now!! Board up the house? Stockpile food? Are you NUTS? You need to stretch, and limber up. You’ll have no time to pick a weapon, you’re just going to have to RUN. Oh, did I mention this […]

The Restless Dead fan fiction set in Left 4 Dead universe

Have you ever literally tripped on something in the dark that you had no clue was there? Of course you have. Has that something in the dark been a zombie you missed when clearing the absolutely lightless room without a flashlight? No? Then you need to read The Restless Dead.


Shaun of the Dead LEGO Zombie Apocalypse set? Wow, how many levels of cool can you have in one toy? That’s right, someone thought of this. Not only did they think of it, they prototyped it. I’m in, where do I pay? It’s been making the rounds on Facebook, and I picked up on it […]

The Walking Dead season 3 slowly lurches toward us

The Walking Dead season 3 slowly lurches toward us. Its zombie hordes aren’t particularly fast, but they never get tired, don’t need sleep, and all those snapping teeth and rotting mouths want to eat you when they arrive on your doorstep. My doorstep. They’re outside, and they aren’t happy.

Zombies, Run! starts of with a bang

Zombies, Run! is a different sort of zombie game. The kind where you have to run. No, not the virtual you – 6’8″ tall, 300 pounds of pure athletic capability. But the other you. Probably closer to 110 pound weakling or perhaps considerably more pear-shaped than the linebacker of your dreams. And certainly the kind […]

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