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Downward Viral zombie card game Z gets its funding on Kickstarter

DownwardViral – and its zombie card “Z.” has hit its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter. In fact, it has done even better than hit the goal, but it hasn’t exactly landed the headshot I’m sure they were hoping for. I’m hoping they have considerably more ammo, or maybe a melee weapon as a backup!

A new survivor has arrived, and is fighting the zombies!

Hey everyone I’d like to introduce my son.  Here at Fort Bauman, he’s known as Peter.  He asked me to call him Dr Zomboss out here in front of you guys. 

It’s a great time to be a zombie fan

I had fun writing up a blog post for my Gamasutra profile this weekend. Check it out here. I’ll post it here once they’ve had it there for a while. Hopefully since it’s Halloween I’ll get some nice traffic out of it. Be sure to leave comments on Gamasutra or here – I’d love to […]

Zombies!!! board game

A Zombies!!! table top game jumped out at me like living dead lurking in the dark behind a half open door. Yeah, it was minding its own business before I went snooping around its part of the world, and I knew its kind could be anywhere. I was still surprised when I found it.

Zombies!!! Mobile Edition trailer

I found Zombies!!! Mobile Edition when scouring the web for cool zombie games. At the time, I was looking for zombie board games, and found Zombies!!! of course. I then found more info about a video game adaptation of the tabletop game from Twilight Creations being worked on. I didn’t find a YouTube version of […]

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