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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is the future of organic conflict

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was announced by Electronic Arts and PopCap Games a while back, at E3 in June 2013. It’s coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 3 and ostensibly PC simultaneously, then an XB360 port after that. All are apparently sprouting up in 2014.

Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 3 has been spotted. A Russian sniper got on the radio and communicated his as-yet-unconfirmed sighting. It was a shadow moving in the dark, seen through his night vision scope beyond maximum effective rifle range, during a rainstorm, just as the power went out in the local area of operation. The young […]

The Restless Dead fan fiction set in Left 4 Dead universe

Have you ever literally tripped on something in the dark that you had no clue was there? Of course you have. Has that something in the dark been a zombie you missed when clearing the absolutely lightless room without a flashlight? No? Then you need to read The Restless Dead.

Kotaku teaches us 19 ways to puke like a boomer zombie

Kotaku teaches us 19 ways to puke like a boomer zombie. Barf-bags optional.

The Last of Us fight purely for the right to survive

This video is downright amazing, folks. The Last of Us is literally and figuratively the name of the game in this post-apocalypstic world. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Me and a horde of about 5 billion other bipeds, that is.

PreOrder Lollipop Chainsaw with costumes on XB360 and PS3

PreOrder Lollipop Chainsaw on XB360 and PS3 via Zombie Apocalypse Games! The release date hasn’t yet been announced, but the pre-order special bonuses are in! Get your dose of quirky, perky zombie fighting cheerleader Juliet Starling and her sidekick Nick today!

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Brutality Trailer

The Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Brutality Trailer has arrived. It debuted on February 24th, so I am not horribly behind. But I’m playing catchup, and I have a ton of stuff that’s happening on the site. That’s just like how it’ll be during the zombie apocalypse – too many doors, so few hammers. Nails […]

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